Didn’t get to run this week.



It sucks being honest about… failure. Due to scheduling conflicts (see two ships passing in the night), there wasn’t a time that Miriam could watch Abigail. So, the option was, don’t get to go.

It’ll probably be a good idea to start over next week. The shoes still feel great. The only injury out of all of this is to pride. If the purpose is to get to ten K, there’s no failure, as that hasn’t been prevented. The hard reality is, there is no happiness in missing the week.

What about joy though? The ability to run still exists. There will be time for running in the future. Is it possible to look past the unhappiness of temporary failure, to see the joy of future success?

Somehow, after all that, it still sucks not running this week. There is no happy ending at this moment. However, the purpose is ten K, not perfectection. So, with joy, next weeks race will come.

One thought on “Didn’t get to run this week.

  1. “Is it possible to look past the unhappiness of temporary failure, to see the joy of future success?”

    Indeed it is, requires that hard to obtain eternal attribute of God…patience! Sometimes with running it’s easy to get into ‘race’ mode from the get go, especially in training, which is a building process that is demanding and progressive, not immediate. I have two kids and a wife who works evenings as a nurse and it’s like playing Tetris some weeks just to get in a few consistent runs. I’m a wreck sometimes when I miss one, but I’m learning to take what I can get and be blessed.

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