Best little hand held EVAR!



This is a favorite piece of equipment. It has repeatedly proven its reliability. The Yaesu VX-6r transmits and receives at 144, 220, and 440 MHz. Range is at least 10 miles (at least that is how far away several of the repeaters are). Cold mornings, hot days, drops in puddles, rain. It does not matter what is thrown at it (or for that matter what it is thrown at), it keeps transmitting, and receiving.

Communication, vital to the human condition. Sending and receiving information about location, time, or just chatting. Amateur radio is built around people who have a need to communicate. A need, to get the message through, regardless of conditions. In times of crisis Amateur Radio Operators transmit weather reports, safety conditions, and lists of the deceased. They are professional, courteous, and in time-honored tradition, helpful problem solvers.

Many people confuse transmission and broadcast. Broadcast is a one way communication. It expects no response. T.V. is the most common example of this. You receive a T.V. broadcast, but are not expected to respond.

Do you treat your prayer life like this? Do you broadcast to God, and then make yourself busy? Do you forget that there is supposed to be time for response? That if you truly believe there is a God, you should hear from Him? It should sound just like James Earl Jones shaking your house. Excuse the attempt at humor. However, What should it sound like when God is responding to you? How long should you wait.

As always responses are appreciated. Feel free to argue, gripe, and complain. Just keep it respectful out there, after all, you do not own the delete function 😉

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