Home Run



This was a great week. This weeks run was done in… a week. The excitement is building for next weeks training. Here is a recap of progress…
Starting weight: 202 lbs
Diet: drank soda instead of water
Resting heart rate: 90’s
Mile time: 11 min.

Dropped since March: soda and energy drinks, 20 pounds, 30 bpm, a pants size (now a 32 waist), and 3 mins off the mile time.

The plan is to drop another 20 pounds, and do 5k in 21 mins (6:20 mile approx). The point of all this is, there was a starting point, there is a destination, and measurable progress.

Now, for the interesting part. “I” did not do it. Look back at the last 3 paragraphs. “I” does not appear anywhere. “I” am learning it is not about me.

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