It’s stupid to be a tech blog, and report this…


In an effort to prove unbridled idiocy, tech blogs the world over are reporting on a non-event. An example is found here: Thunderbolt connection in Mac Book air doesn’t support multiple monitors. Why is this a gigantic non-event? The video chipset in the MacBook Air, an Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor doesn’t support multiple monitors (just one external one). The Thunderbolt chipset called EagleRidge used in the MacBook Air is a lighter, smaller, cheaper version of the full-sized LightRidge chip. So let’s rephrase what the heading should look like, “Apple didn’t waste money on including a chipset in a sub notebook that was more powerful that what the internal hardware (the video chipset) could handle, thereby saving customers money, space, and weight.” Wait, what about the 4 data channels at 10 Gbps each that LightRidge supports? The EagleRidge only has two. That’s two 10 Gbps connections that would handle 12 FireWire 800 connections each. When was the last time you carried 12 peripherals around with you? Ever try to power 12 peripherals? How many people who use a Mac Book Air (purchased for portability) are going to carry a raid array (at about 5 pounds) with them (the ONLY way to take advantage of the speed that Thunderbolt offers) and plug this device in to a wall socket? Can we PLEASE stop being so STUPID? When you have something intelligent to add, that’s news worthy, publish it. Until then save the sensationalism.

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