Todays political message


I’m Pro-GMO and anti Monsanto.

We need a solution that prevents the passage of bills that no one reads.  Here is that solution.

We have the Government Accountability office be responsible for testing. They get one day to build a test for every page in a bill (5 page bill = 5 days).

Any congressperson senator or president that votes for a bill is subject to testing.

If 25% of the constituency of any congress person or senator contact the GAO and complain, the GAO MUST test that senator or congressman. The president MUST be tested if the minimum requirements of petition are met.

In order for a vote for a bill to stand, a score of 85% MUST be achieved on the test regarding the bill. The GAO will NOT notify the individual being tested before hand. That’s right, this is a pop quiz.

If at any time a congressperson or senators record for passing tests falls below 85% (after their first ten tests) they MUST be removed from office immediately. They forfeit their pension, health care, and government protection immediately on failure.

This prevents the idiots from voting for bills they don’t understand. This means that bills will be shorter (longer bills give a longer time to request testing on).

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