Gerber Curve Pot Lifter


Demonstrating how to use a Gerber Curve as a pot lifter.

This is the Gerber Curve.  The photo above shows how to use the Curve as a pot lifter.  The spring is strong enough to hold the Curve on while lifting a BOT full of water.  Consider using something like a Buff as an insulator to protect your hand after removing the BOT from the fire .  The Curve is a tool in this kit because:

  1. It is an effective pot lifter (that is actually a bottle opener)
  2. It has a pen blade
  3. It has a Phillips head that can unscrew the screws in a Cold Steel Shovel
  4. It has an awl that can make pilot holes for screws when using a different handle in the Cold Steel Shovel
  5. Drill out/grind out the flat head screwdriver blade to make it into a can opener
  6. It is a locking blade system (safety first)

This one tool improves the usefulness of many of the other tools in the survival kit and the UL kit.  At .8 oz it is a bargain in weight.  The cost was negligible.

If the BOT is a serious consideration, then the Curve must go with it.

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