Apple, a shift.


I was waiting to see what was going to be the “New iMac.” My laptop is getting old, and I wanted something to replace it. I use my iPad Pro as my portable system. It is compatible with the work I do, the college classes I take, and the media content I create. I no longer have a need for a laptop.

What the desktop would do for me is provide access to a larger monitor and MacOS software. That is all I need it for.

So when the Apple event happened at the beginning of November, I watched with anticipation. I wanted to see what my new future desktop was going to look like. I waited with anticipation through… the entire event. I waited to see what Apple had in store for the Mac.

Nothing. In fact, Apple made it very clear there would be no desktops in the future. Did Apple SAY, “today we have determined that desktops are obsolete?” No. Apple did say they were not producing monitors any more. This likely means no iMac’s (the monitor and computer are a single unit). The Mac Pro was not updated, and has not been for three years. The Mac mini saw no update.

If Apple were to come out and say, “we do not make enough money off the desktop world any longer,” people would get scared. Stock owners would sell. Rather than approach the public saying, “it’s time to move on from 40 year old equipment,” Apple just didn’t update. The server line is gone, the desktop line hasn’t been updated, and the updates to the laptop line, are unimpressive. This leaves the iOS line.

What Apple is counting on is moving more capability to the iOS line. When you are 90% served by the iOS line, there will be no reason for MacOS anymore. Most of the “Pros” will have migrated to another system. Linux has become powerful enough, with enough software, that is MacOS disappeared tomorrow, a migration could occur. Do you think it’s coincidence that Swift works on Linux?

What does computing look like now?

I don’t use my Mac Book Pro anymore. I’ve closed it up and put it away as an experiment. I use my iPad Pro and Xbox One S. I could sell my MBP and cover the cost of the XBox One AND pay off the iPad Pro. What, exactly, do I need a desktop or laptop for anymore? I have an Apple TV connected to both of my television sets. I can enjoy media/play games on them. I can throw what is on my iPad screen up on to the TV screen.

Apple needs to add some functionality. I need to be able to decide what is done with video. When I display on a monitor that is not my screen, use the correct ratio. Allow me to decide if I need the screen mirrored or not. Allow me to throw what is on my iOS device on to other iOS devices (one or more). Allow me to use split screen to determine what I see, and what others see (I can see my notes, while they see my pictures/video).

Make iOS devices replace MacOS computing. I don’t care if I do a task the same way, I just need to be able to do all the tasks. Then, how would I even know that MacOS devices no longer exist?

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