Would you carry a revolver with an empty chamber?


Tens of thousands of police officers and military personnel go their entire careers (several decades) without a negligent discharge. The “negligent discharge crowd” is a small group. I’m not saying it’s impossible. I’m saying that the likelihood of it happening is so low as to be statistically insignificant. I’m saying that it’s like liberals that want swimming pools and cry about how firearms put children at risk. Well Mr. Mrs. liberal with a swimming pool, your child is more likely to die in your pool than from a firearm…

As usual gun related statistics are hard to find. I’ll do us both a favor and steel man your side of the argument with what I find. Here’s the best I can do.

a) According to the CDC, in the most recent reporting year, there were 606 accidental firearm deaths. Not all of these were really accidents and not all were negligent discharges. However, for the sake of this argument, I’m going to pretend every single one of 606 accidental deaths was caused by a CCW with a round in the chamber. That is a a .005 % chance of what you are claiming actually happening. 5 thousandths of a percent.

b) If all I do is adjust for population, there are 11 million CCW holders in the USA and an adult population of around 240 million. So worst case possibility would be that CCW holders (4.5% of the adult population) could have caused 28 accidental deaths. Now we are down to 2 TEN THOUSANDTHS of a percent. You’re going to say, “but that doesn’t provide numbers for ALL accidental gun discharges, just the ones that result in death.” You are absolutely right. And I’m going to say, “remember I counted EVERY SINGLE accidental discharge that resulted in death as the result of a CCW with a round in the chamber…”

If you want something more than just a YouTube video providing anecdotes… https://www.officer.com/tactical/firearm-accessories/ammunition/article/10711536/negligent-discharges-preventable-or-inevitable The best part of what this officer has to say: “Forcing cops AND other gun carriers to perform some kind of kabuki dance where they are constantly handling their guns in a non-shooting fashion is setting them up for failure. We are either armed and prepared to face deadly threats or we are not. Antiquated Weapon Codes and the Clearing Barrel Mentality will eventually lead to mistakes and sometimes tragedy.” If you like to wear guns as jewelry, feel free to. But don’t tell me that carrying a round in the chamber is “risky.” That claim is absurd when I consider the evidence.

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