Time to switch hit…



That is not a film camera boys and girls. This is about replacing all the film camera bloat, with one body, a few lenses, and things that make you say ‘roid…

This camera purchase was easy for a few reasons. First, it was a BOGO. Buy one open box system for full price, get the second open box system free. It is likely that the two cameras would have sold separately, however, to keep the peace… Experience with the Olympus brand added to the interest. Last, the “retro” design made this an easy winner.

Here are some stats that make the camera intriguing. It shoots three to four frames per second. It works in multiple formats. There is a 12mm lens made for it (24mm when comparing to 35mm SLR’s). This makes replacing a LomoKino with this configuration an obvious, easy choice.

Next, the purchased body came with a 17mm lens. This configuration replaces three cameras right out of the box. The approximate 34mm (in the 35mm film standard) has some minor vignetting like the Lomo LC-A and Lubitel 166b.