Gym buddy



This is after interval training. The goal is 5k. It is awesome to have someone to train with. Especially when that person is your 12 year old son.

Finally completed week 2’s training. Had to spend an extra week on 4 minute intervals. Could have pushed to complete week 2 earlier, chickened out instead. Can not do that with Landon here, have to be a good example…

Looking forward to Monday’s 5 minute intervals.

Home Run



This was a great week. This weeks run was done in… a week. The excitement is building for next weeks training. Here is a recap of progress…
Starting weight: 202 lbs
Diet: drank soda instead of water
Resting heart rate: 90’s
Mile time: 11 min.

Dropped since March: soda and energy drinks, 20 pounds, 30 bpm, a pants size (now a 32 waist), and 3 mins off the mile time.

The plan is to drop another 20 pounds, and do 5k in 21 mins (6:20 mile approx). The point of all this is, there was a starting point, there is a destination, and measurable progress.

Now, for the interesting part. “I” did not do it. Look back at the last 3 paragraphs. “I” does not appear anywhere. “I” am learning it is not about me.