Dry Comp Summit Sack


Outdoor Research DryComp Summit Sack

This article is the first in a series that explains the way I’ve decided to lighten my load for weekend backpacking.

  1. No one thing weighs more than 16 ounces
  2. No batteries
  3. No camelbacks
  4. Total pack load is <15 pounds
  5. Full skin out is <20 pounds

What pack do I use to stay under 16 ounces and keep my gear dry? The Outdoor Research DryComp Summit Sack is an ultralight backpack that keeps your clothes and sleeping bag dry. The Hydroseal-coated Antron nylon is seam taped to make it fully waterproof. To further compress the sack a roll-top closure holds out moisture and compression straps shrink your load. People have used this product for emergency flotation (YMMV).


  • 12.2 ounces
  • Hydroseal coated Antron nylon is waterproof and durable, waterproof taped seams
  • Roll-top waterproof closure, durable buckle secures roll top
  • Ergonomic design fits flat against back, four compression straps convert to shoulder straps and hip belt, foam-padded shoulder straps wrap over shoulder.
  • Dual daisy chains with ice axe loops, two side mesh pockets with one-hand pull elastic drawcords
  • Dimensions-Rolled: 24 in. x 11 in. x 9 in./61 cm x 28 cm x 23 cm Volume: 2197 cu. in./36 L

The total pack weight will be <15 pounds when loaded. The shoulder straps are not a problem with a pack this light. It has a large enough capacity that it will easily hold three days of supplies. At $50 this piece of Ultralight kit is EXTREMELY affordable.

Didn’t get to run this week.



It sucks being honest about… failure. Due to scheduling conflicts (see two ships passing in the night), there wasn’t a time that Miriam could watch Abigail. So, the option was, don’t get to go.

It’ll probably be a good idea to start over next week. The shoes still feel great. The only injury out of all of this is to pride. If the purpose is to get to ten K, there’s no failure, as that hasn’t been prevented. The hard reality is, there is no happiness in missing the week.

What about joy though? The ability to run still exists. There will be time for running in the future. Is it possible to look past the unhappiness of temporary failure, to see the joy of future success?

Somehow, after all that, it still sucks not running this week. There is no happy ending at this moment. However, the purpose is ten K, not perfectection. So, with joy, next weeks race will come.

Rule number 1


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This decision was simple, the wallet goes. A giant uncomfortable wad to sit on. It hauls around untold amounts of little papers and cards. A veritable junk drawer in the back right pocket. Be gone! Time to switch to a cheap plastic bifold. On the left, a license, on the right, a debit card. That will be all.

Time to check the ultralight backpacking list. I removed anything that requires electricity. I use caylume light sticks in place of flash lights. They weigh less than a maglite, and one would be enough each night. The red color would prevent night blindness. This would leave the pack lighter, and devoid of electronics and batteries. The pocket watch would be a mechanical wind up kind.

A map, a compass, a sharpie, weatherproof paper, a Rollei B35. Old fashioned mechanical or analog ways of recording the past, documenting the present, and planning future travels.

The pack is an REI stoke 29 (liter). It should easily contain 3 days of food, shelter, and clothing. The goal is to have the pack weight down to a half pound per liter. Fifteen pounds. Right now twenty pounds is a comfortable resting spot (down from almost sixty). Much simpler to pack, move, and maintain.

It’s hard work to get to the simple life (from the complicated mess we live in).

So rule number one, experience the joy of fulfilling your purpose, and feel the comfort that follows. Simple life.