From survival kit to ultralight backpacking – The third 24 hours/16 oz.


Now for day three.  Most disaster preparedness articles recommend three days of supporting yourself.  With the additional components listed here you will have a complete shelter, more food, and sanitation.  At the end of this article you will have three pounds of equipment used to support life for three days.  Following articles will extend the comfort level by adding additional gear to the survival kit turning it into a 3 day kit for Ultralight Backpacking purposes.

  1. Shelter (8 oz) – Serenity NetTent – Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. The Serenity NetTent provides a simple solution to keeping those creepy crawlies and pesky mosquitoes at bay. Its small floor size lets it be setup in most any place. Unlike bivies with the mesh draped directly on your face, the Serenity’s 42 inch height lets you sit up in comfort. You can sleep comfortably knowing that mosquitos can not bite you through the mesh.
  2. Light (.75 oz) – Caylume light stick – See the previous article for the link
  3. Liquid soap (1 oz) – Dr. Bronners – Repackage this in a small pump spray dispenser.  Necessary for washing hands, dishes, and anything else.
  4. Toilet paper (.5 oz) – mostly used roll – Remove the cardboard center and place this in a ziploc bag.
  5. Cutting (.35 oz) – ESEE Arrowhead Survival Tool, AH-1 – Lash it to a branch or handle for use as a knife or a spear. Features: One piece double-edged 1095 carbon steel construction with black textured powder coat finish and a lashing hole.  It’s 2-1/2″ overall.
  6. Fishhooks/Snares (5.5 oz) – 9 Speedhooks – The Speedhook is specifically designed for survival applications and is so effective, it is legal for survival use only in some areas. Use this small device for fishing and trapping when no food is readily available.

At this point you have equipment that will realistically keep you alive for three days.  You will live to tell about it even if it is not the greatest experience ever.  Some ultralight backpackers will cringe at toilet paper being listed.  Look, this is a sanitation issue.  This kit would help you in your backyard, or in a forest somewhere.  If you don’t like toilet paper, replace it with something else.  The average price for each pound of survival gear in this list is $150.  The three days provided for costs $450.  You have food, shelter, potable water, warmth, the ability to cook.  In the following articles we will add comfort items to move this from a survival kit to an Ultralight Backpacking kit.

The next article in this series is located here.